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Perform raster scaling on a bit map.


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2165

procedure BitMapScale(

  BitScaleArgs: PBitScaleArgs





Structure of parameters describing scale


Scale a source bit map to a non-overlapping destination bit map.

Overlapping source and destination bitmaps are not supported Make sure that you provide enough memory for the destination bitmap to hold the result

In the destination bitmap only the area where the scaled source bitmap is put into is changed. A frame of the old bitmap is left.

Pass a BitScaleArgs structure filled with the following arguments to this function:

bsa_SrcX, bsa_SrcY
upper left coordinate in source bitmap
bsa_SrcWidth, bsa_SrcHeight
Width and Height of source bitmap
bsa_DestX, bsa_DestY
upper left coordinate in destination bitmap
bsa_DestWidth, bsa_DestHeight
this function will set these values. Use the bsa_???Factor for scaling
Set these to get approximately the same ratio as bsa_SrcWidth:bsa_DestWidth, but usually not exactly the same number.
Set these to get approximately the same ratio as bsa_SrcHeight:DestHeight, but usually not exactly the same number.
pointer to source bitmap to be scaled
pointer to destination bitmap which will hold the scaled bitmap. Make sure it's big enough!
reserved for future use. Set it to zero!
bsa_XDDA, bsa_YDDA
for future use.
bsa_Reserved1, bsa_Reserved2
for future use.

bsa_DestWidth and bsa_DestHeight will be set by this function

See also



Get the scaling result that BitMapScale would.

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