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Allocate and initialize Colormap


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2149

function GetColorMap(

  Entries: LongWord





Number of entries for this colormap

Function result

The pointer value returned by this routine, if nonzero, may be stored into the ViewPort.ColorMap pointer. If a value of 0 is returned, the system was unable to allocate enough memory space for the required data structures.


Allocates, initializes and returns a pointer to a ColorMap data structure, later enabling calls to SetRGB4()/SetRGB32() and LoadRGB4()/LoadRGB32() to load colors for a view port. The ColorTable pointer in the ColorMap structure points to a hardware specific colormap data structure. You should not count on it being anything you can understand. Use GetRGB4()/GetRGB32() to query it or SetRGB4CM()/SetRGB32CM() to set it directly.

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