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Initialize raster port structure


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2087

procedure InitRastPort(

  Rp: PRastPort





A pointer to a RastPort structure.


Initialize a RastPort structure to standard values.

The struct Rastport describes a control structure for a write-able raster. The RastPort structure describes how a complete single playfield display will be written into. A RastPort structure is referenced whenever any drawing or filling operations are to be performed on a section of memory.

The section of memory which is being used in this way may or may not be presently a part of the current actual onscreen display memory. The name of the actual memory section which is linked to the RastPort is referred to here as a "raster" or as a bitmap.


Calling the routine InitRastPort only establishes various defaults. It does not establish where, in memory, the rasters are located. To do graphics with this RastPort the user must set up the BitMap pointer in the RastPort.

all entries in RastPort get zeroed out, with the following exceptions:

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