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Lock Layer structure by ROM(gfx lib) code.


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2126

procedure LockLayerRom(

  l: PLayer





A pointer to Layer structure


Return when the layer is locked and no other task may alter the ClipRect structure in the Layer structure. This call does not destroy any registers. This call nests so that callers in this chain will not lock themselves out. Do not have the Layer locked during a call to intuition. There is a potential deadlock problem here, if intuition needs to get other locks as well. Having the layer locked prevents other tasks from using the layer library functions, most notably intuition itself. So be brief. layers.library's LockLayer() is identical to LockLayerRom().

The layer is locked and the task can render assuming the ClipRects will not change out from underneath it until an UnlockLayerRom() is called.

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Unlock Layer structure by ROM(gfx lib) code.


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