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Graphics library structure


Source position: agraphics.pas line 1879

type TGfxBase = record

  LibNode: TLibrary;


Basic Library structure

  ActiView: PView;


  CopInit: PCopInit;


Pointer to copper start up list

  Cia: PLongInt;


For 8520 resource use

  blitter: PLongInt;


For future blitter resource use

  LOFlist: PWord;


  SHFlist: PWord;


  blthd: PBltNode;


  blttl: PBltNode;


  bsblthd: PBltNode;


  bsblttl: PBltNode;


  vbsrv: TInterrupt;


  timsrv: TInterrupt;


  bltsrv: TInterrupt;


  TextFonts: TList;


List of Fonts

  DefaultFont: PTextFont;


Current default font

  Modes: Word;


Copy of current first bplcon0

  VBlank: ShortInt;


  Debug: ShortInt;


  BeamSync: SmallInt;


  system_bplcon0: SmallInt;


It is ored into each bplcon0 for display

  SpriteReserved: Byte;


  bytereserved: Byte;


  Flags: Word;


  BlitLock: SmallInt;


  BlitNest: SmallInt;


  BlitWaitQ: TList;


  BlitOwner: PTask;


  TOF_WaitQ: TList;


  DisplayFlags: Word;


NTSC PAL GENLOC etc. Display flags are determined at power on

  SimpleSprites: PPSimpleSprite;


Simple sprite pointer

  MaxDisplayRow: Word;


hardware stuff, do not use

  MaxDisplayColumn: Word;


hardware stuff, do not use

  NormalDisplayRows: Word;


  NormalDisplayColumns: Word;


  NormalDPMX: Word;


Dots per meter on display standard non interlace, 1/2 wb width

  NormalDPMY: Word;


Dots per meter on display standard non interlace, 1/2 wb width

  LastChanceMemory: PSignalSemaphore;


  LCMptr: PWord;


  MicrosPerLine: Word;


256 time usec/line

  MinDisplayColumn: Word;


  ChipRevBits0: Byte;


  MemType: Byte;


  crb_reserved: array [0..3] of Byte;


  monitor_id: Word;


normally 0

  hedley: array [0..7] of IPTR;


  hedley_sprites: array [0..7] of IPTR;


sprite ptrs for intuition mouse

  hedley_sprites1: array [0..7] of IPTR;


sprite ptrs for intuition mouse

  hedley_count: SmallInt;


  hedley_flags: Word;


  hedley_tmp: SmallInt;


  hash_table: ;


Hashtable used for GfxAssociate() and GfxLookup() (private!)

  current_tot_rows: Word;


  current_tot_cclks: Word;


  hedley_hint: Byte;


  hedley_hint2: Byte;


  nreserved: array [0..3] of ULONG;


  a2024_sync_raster: PLongWord;


  control_delta_pal: Word;


  control_delta_ntsc: Word;


  Current_Monitor: PMonitorSpec;


MonitorSpec used for current display

  MonitorList: TList;


List of all MonitorSpecs in the system

  Default_Monitor: PMonitorSpec;


MonitorSpec of "default.monitor"

  MonitorListSemaphore: PSignalSemaphore;


Semaphore for MonitorList access

  DisplayInfoDataBase: Pointer;


nil, unused by AROS

  TopLine: Word;


  ActiViewCprSemaphore: PSignalSemaphore;


Semaphore for active view access

  UtilityBase: PUtilityBase;


for hook and tag utilities

  ExecBase: PExecBase;


to link with rom.lib

  bwshifts: PShortInt;


  StrtFetchMasks: PWord;


  StopFetchMasks: PWord;


  Overrun: PWord;


  RealStops: PSmallInt;


  SpriteWidth: Word;


current width (in words) of sprites

  SpriteFMode: Word;


current sprite fmode bits

  SoftSprites: ShortInt;


bit mask of size change knowledgeable sprites

  arraywidth: ShortInt;


  DefaultSpriteWidth: Word;


What width intuition wants

  SprMoveDisable: ShortInt;


  WantChips: Byte;


  BoardMemType: Byte;


  Bugs: Byte;


  gb_LayersBase: PLongWord;


layers.library base

  ColorMask: ULONG;


  IVector: APTR;


  IData: APTR;


  SpecialCounter: ULONG;


special for double buffering

  DBList: APTR;


  MonitorFlags: Word;


  ScanDoubledSprites: Byte;


  BP3Bits: Byte;


  MonitorVBlank: TAnalogSignalInterval;


  Natural_Monitor: PMonitorSpec;


Default MonitorSpec for view without explicit MonitorSpec in ViewExtra

  ProgData: APTR;


nil not used in AROS

  ExtSprites: Byte;


  pad3: Byte;


  GfxFlags: Word;


  VBCounter: ULONG;


  HashTableSemaphore: PSignalSemaphore;


Semaphore for hash_table access, private in fact

  ChunkyToPlanarPtr: PLongWord;


= HWEmul[0];

  HWEmul: array [1..8] of PLongWord;



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