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Layer Structure


Source position: agraphics.pas line 476

type TLayer = record

  Front: PLayer;


Link to next layer (in front of the current one)

  Back: PLayer;


Link to the previous layer (behind the current one)

  ClipRect: PClipRect;


Read by roms to find first cliprect

  Rp: PRastPort;


Ignored by roms, I hope

  Bounds: TRectangle;


Ignored by roms

  Parent: PLayer;



  Priority: Word;


system use only

  Flags: Word;


obscured ?, Virtual BitMap?

  SuperBitMap: PBitMap;


  SuperClipRect: PClipRect;


Super bitmap cliprects if VBitMap <> 0 else damage cliprect list for refresh

  Window: APTR;


Reserved for user interface use

  Scroll_X: SmallInt;


  Scroll_Y: SmallInt;


  cr: PClipRect;


used by dedice

  cr2: PClipRect;


used by dedice

  crnew: PClipRect;


used by dedice

  SuperSaveClipRects: PClipRect;


preallocated Clip rects

  _cliprects: PClipRect;


System use during refresh

  LayerInfo: PLayer_Info;


Points to head of the list

  Lock: TSignalSemaphore;


  BackFill: PHook;


  VisibleRegion: PRegion;



  ClipRegion: PRegion;


  SaveClipRects: PRegion;


Used to back out when in trouble

  Width: SmallInt;


Width of layer

  Height: SmallInt;


Height of Layer

  Shape: PRegion;

  ShapeRegion: PRegion;

  VisibleShape: PRegion;

  Nesting: Word;

  SuperSaveClipRectCounter: Byte;

  Visible: Byte;

  Reserved2: array [0..1] of Byte;


  DamageList: PRegion;


List of rectangles to refreshthrough


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