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Source position: agraphics.pas line 810

type TMonitorSpec = record

  ms_Node: TExtendedNode;


  ms_Flags: Word;


Monitor Flags: (MSF_*)

  ratioh: LongInt;


  ratiov: LongInt;


  total_rows: Word;


Total number of scanlines per frame

  total_colorclocks: Word;


Total number of color clocks per line (in 1/280 ns units)

  DeniseMaxDisplayColumn: Word;


  BeamCon0: Word;


Value for beamcon0 Amiga(tm) chipset register

  min_row: Word;


  ms_Special: PSpecialMonitor;


Synchro signal timings description (optional)

  ms_OpenCount: Word;


Driver open count

  ms_transform: Pointer;


  ms_translate: Pointer;


  ms_scale: Pointer;


  ms_xoffset: Word;


  ms_yoffset: Word;


  ms_LegalView: TRectangle;


Allowed range for view positioning (right-bottom position included)

  ms_maxoscan: Pointer;


maximum legal overscan

  ms_videoscan: Pointer;


video display overscan

  DeniseMinDisplayColumn: Word;


  DisplayCompatible: ULONG;


  DisplayInfoDataBase: TList;


  DisplayInfoDataBaseSemaphore: TSignalSemaphore;


  ms_MrgCop: Pointer;


Driver call vectors, unused by AROS

  ms_LoadView: Pointer;


  ms_KillView: Pointer;



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