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Source position: agraphics.pas line 217

type TTextFont = record

  tf_Message: TMessage;


Reply message for font removal, Font name in tf_Message.mn_Node.ln_Name

  tf_YSize: Word;


Font height

  tf_Style: Byte;


Font style (FSF_*)

  tf_Flags: Byte;


Preferences and flags (FPF_*)

  tf_XSize: Word;


Nominal font width

  tf_Baseline: Word;


Distance from the top of char to baseline

  tf_BoldSmear: Word;


Smear to affect a bold enhancement

  tf_Accessors: Word;


Access count

  tf_LoChar: Byte;


The first character described here

  tf_HiChar: Byte;


The last character described here

  tf_CharData: APTR;


The bit character data

  tf_Modulo: Word;


The row modulo for the strike font data

  tf_CharLoc: APTR;


Pointer to location data for the strike font 2 words: bit offset then size

  tf_CharSpace: APTR;


Pointer to words of proportional spacing data

  tf_CharKern: APTR;


Pointer to words of kerning data


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