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Creates an assignment to a specified path


Source position: amigados.pas line 2349

function AssignPath(

  const Name: STRPTR;

  const Path: STRPTR





Name of device to be assigned (without trailing ':')



Name of late assignment to be resolved at each reference

Function result

IoErr() gives more information of fail


Sets up a assignment that is expanded upon EACH reference to the name. This is implemented through a new device list type. The path (a string) would be attached to the node. When the name is referenced (DosOpen("FOO:xyzzy"...), the string will be used to determine where to do the open. No permanent lock will be part of it. For example, you could AssignPath() c2: to df2:c, and references to c2: would go to df2:c, even if you change disks.

The other major advantage is assigning things to unmounted volumes, which will be requested upon access (useful in startup sequences).

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