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Creates a filesystem link


Source position: amigados.pas line 2317

function MakeLink(

  const Name: STRPTR;

  Dest: APTR;

  Soft: LongInt





The name of the link to create



If soft is True this must be a filename; if it is False a lock pointing to the file to be hard-linked must be provided



True, if a soft link is to be created, False for a hard link

Function result

DOSTRUE or DOSFALSE. On error, IoErr() will contain more information.


MakeLink() will create a link between two files or directories. A link is a filesystem object that refers to another file.

A soft link refers to another file or directory by name, and is resolved by the filesystem and the caller. Soft links are not restricted to the same volume and the target does not have to exist.

A hard link refers to another file by the location on a disk, and is resolved by the filesystem. Hard links are restricted to files or directories on the same volume.

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