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DOS Processes started from the CLI via RUN or NEWCLI have this additional set to data associated with them


Source position: amigados.pas line 797

type TCommandLineInterface = record

  cli_Result2: LongInt;


Value of IoErr from last command

  cli_SetName: BSTR;


Name of current directory

  cli_CommandDir: BPTR;


Lock associated with command directory

  cli_ReturnCode: LongInt;


Return code from last command

  cli_CommandName: BSTR;


Name of current command

  cli_FailLevel: LongInt;


Fail level (set by FAILAT)

  cli_Prompt: BSTR;


Current prompt (set by PROMPT)

  cli_StandardInput: BPTR;


Default (terminal) CLI input

  cli_CurrentInput: BPTR;


Current CLI input

  cli_CommandFile: BSTR;


Name of EXECUTE command file

  cli_Interactive: LongInt;


Boolean; True if prompts required

  cli_Background: LongInt;


Boolean; True if CLI created by RUN

  cli_CurrentOutput: BPTR;


Current CLI output

  cli_DefaultStack: LongInt;


Stack size to be obtained in long words

  cli_StandardOutput: BPTR;


Default (terminal) CLI output

  cli_Module: BPTR;


SegList of currently loaded command

  cli_StandardError: BPTR;


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