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This structure can take on different values depending on whether it is a device, an assigned directory, or a volume. This structure representing a volume.


Source position: amigados.pas line 841

type TDeviceList = record

  dl_Next: BPTR;


Pointer to next device list

  dl_Type: LongInt;


Type of record (DLT_*)

  dl_Task: PMsgPort;


Pointer to handler task

  dl_Lock: BPTR;


not for volumes

  dl_VolumeDate: TDateStamp;


Creation date

  dl_LockList: BPTR;


Outstanding locks

  dl_DiskType: LongInt;


'DOS', etc

  dl_unused: BPTR;


  dl_Name: BSTR;


Name of device

  dl_Reserved: array [0..5] of IPTR;

  dl_AROS: TDosListAROSExt;


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