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Device node list DLT_DEVICE


Source position: amigados.pas line 1146

type TDeviceNode = record

  dn_Next: BPTR;


Link to next node

  dn_Type: ULONG;


Always 0 for dos "devices"

  dn_Task: PMsgPort;


standard dos "task" field. If this is nil when the node is accesses, a task will be started up

  dn_Lock: BPTR;


Not used for devices, leave nil

  dn_Handler: BSTR;


Filename to loadseg (if seglist is nil)

  dn_StackSize: ULONG;


Stacksize to use when starting task

  dn_Priority: LongInt;


Task priority when starting task

  dn_Startup: BPTR;


Pointer to TFileSysStartupMsg for disks

  dn_SegList: BPTR;


code to run to start new task (if necessary). if nil then dn_Handler will be loaded.

  dn_GlobalVec: BPTR;


Global vector to use when starting a task.-1 means that dn_SegList is not for a bcpl program, so the dos won't try and construct one. 0 tell the dos that you obey BCPL linkage rules, and that it should construct a global vector for you.

  dn_Name: BSTR;


the node name, e.g. '\3','D','F','3' for DF3:

  dn_Reserved: array [0..5] of IPTR;

  dn_AROS: TDosListAROSExt;


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