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All DOS processes have this structure


Source position: amigados.pas line 564

type TProcess = record

  pr_Task: TTask;


  pr_MsgPort: TMsgPort;


This is address from DOS functions

  pr_Pad: SmallInt;


Remaining variables on 4 byte boundaries

  pr_SegList: BPTR;


Array of seg lists used by this process

  pr_StackSize: LongInt;


Size of process stack in bytes

  pr_GlobVec: APTR;


Global vector for this process

  pr_TaskNum: LongInt;


CLI task number of zero if not a CLI

  pr_StackBase: BPTR;


Pointer to high memory end of process stack

  pr_Result2: STRPTR;


Value of secondary result from last call

  pr_CurrentDir: BPTR;


Lock associated with current directory

  pr_CIS: BPTR;


Current CLI Input Stream

  pr_COS: BPTR;


Current CLI Output Stream

  pr_ConsoleTask: APTR;


Console handler process for current window

  pr_FileSystemTask: APTR;


File handler process for current drive

  pr_CLI: BPTR;


pointer to TConsoleLineInterpreter

  pr_ReturnAddr: APTR;


Pointer to previous stack frame

  pr_PktWait: APTR;


Function to be called when awaiting msg

  pr_WindowPtr: APTR;


Window for error printing

  pr_HomeDir: BPTR;


Home directory of executing program

  pr_Flags: LongInt;


Flags telling dos about process (PRF_*)

  pr_ExitCode: TExitProcedure;


Code to call on exit of program or nil

  pr_ExitData: IPTR;


Passed as an argument to pr_ExitCode.

  pr_Arguments: STRPTR;


Arguments passed to the process at start

  pr_LocalVars: TMinList;


Local environment variables

  pr_ShellPrivate: ULONG;


for the use of the current shell

  pr_CES: BPTR;


Error stream - if nil, use pr_COS



Create and Device Proc returns pointer to the MsgPort in this structure dev_proc = Address(SmallInt(DeviceProc()) - SizeOf(Task))

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