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Free a block of memory


Source position: exec.pas line 1240

procedure Deallocate(

  FreeList: PMemHeader;

  MemoryBlock: APTR;

  ByteSize: ULONG





Points to the memory header this block is part of



Address of memory block to free



Number of bytes to free. nil is allowed and does nothing


This function deallocates memory by returning it to the appropriate private free memory pool. This function can be used to free an entire block allocated with the above function, or it can be used to free a sub-block of a previously allocated block. Sub-blocks must be an even multiple of the memory chunk size (currently 8 bytes).

This function can even be used to add a new free region to an existing MemHeader, however the extent pointers in the MemHeader will no longer be valid.

If memoryBlock is not on a block boundary then it will be rounded down in a manner compatible with Allocate(). Note that this will work correctly with all the memory allocation functions, but may cause surprises if one is freeing only part of a region. The size of the block will be rounded up, so the freed block will fill to an even memory block boundary.

See also



Allocate a block of memory

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