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Source position: exec.pas line 1007

type TExecBase = record

  LibNode: TLibrary;


Standard library structure

  SoftVer: Word;


Kickstart release number

  LowMemChkSum: SmallInt;


Lower memory checksum

  ChkBase: IPTR;


System base address

  ColdCapture: APTR;


Cold boot address

  CoolCapture: APTR;


  WarmCapture: APTR;


Warm start address

  SysStkUpper: APTR;


System stack: upper border

  SysStkLower: APTR;


System stack: lower border

  MaxLocMem: IPTR;


Maximal useable memory

  DebugEntry: APTR;


Jump address for debugger

  DebugData: APTR;


Pointer to data for debugger

  AlertData: APTR;


Pointer to alert data

  MaxExtMem: APTR;


Maximal available external memory

  ChkSum: Word;


Checksum of the upper values

  IntVects: array [0..15] of TIntVector;


Vector table of interrupts

  ThisTask: PTask;


Pointer of the currently running task

  IdleCount: ULONG;


Idle Counter

  DispCount: ULONG;


Dispatch Counter

  Quantum: Word;


CPU time of every task

  Elapsed: Word;


  SysFlags: Word;


Used cput time

  IDNestCnt: ShortInt;


interrupt disable nesting count

  TDNestCnt: ShortInt;


task disable nesting count

  AttnFlags: Word;


special attention flags (readable)

  AttnResched: Word;


rescheduling attention

  ResModules: APTR;


resident module array pointer

  TaskTrapCode: APTR;


Task - Pointer

  TaskExceptCode: APTR;


  TaskExitCode: APTR;


  TaskSigAlloc: ULONG;


Task - Signals

  TaskTrapAlloc: Word;


Task - Traps

  MemList: TList;


List of available memory.

  ResourceList: TList;


List of available resources.

  DeviceList: TList;


List of available devices.

  IntrList: TList;


List of available Interrupts

  LibList: TList;


List of open libraries

  PortList: TList;


List of open Ports.

  TaskReady: TList;


Tasks with state Ready

  TaskWait: TList;


Tasks with State waiting for singal

  SoftInts: array [0..4] of TSoftIntList;


  LastAlert: array [0..3] of LONG;


Last alert number

  VBlankFrequency: Byte;


  PowerSupplyFrequency: Byte;


  SemaphoreList: TList;


  KickMemPtr: APTR;


Pointer to queue of mem lists

  KickTagPtr: APTR;


Pointer to rom tag queue

  KickCheckSum: APTR;


Checksum for mem and tags

  ex_Pad0: Word;


  ex_LaunchPoint: IPTR;


  ex_RamLibPrivate: APTR;


  ex_EClockFrequency: ULONG;


  ex_CacheControl: ULONG;


Private to CacheControl calls

  ex_TaskID: ULONG;


Next available Task ID

  ex_Reserved1: array [0..4] of ULONG;


  ex_MMULock: Pointer;


  ex_Reserved2: array [0..1] of ULONG;


  ex_DebugFlags: ULONG;


  ex_MemHandlers: TMinList;


Memory Handler List

  ex_MemHandler: Pointer;


  DebugArosBase: PArosSupportBase;


Basic Aros Debug functions


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