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Activate an Intuition window.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3262

procedure ActivateWindow(

  Window: PWindow





The window to activate


Note that this call may have its action deferred: you cannot assume that when this call is made the selected window has become active. This action will be postponed while the user plays with gadgets and menus, or sizes and drags windows. You may detect when the window actually has become active by the IDCMP_ACTIVEWINDOW IDCMP message.

This call is intended to provide flexibility but not to confuse the user. Please call this function synchronously with some action by the user.


If the user has an autopointer tool (sunmouse), the call will succeed, but the tool will deactivate the window right after this function has activated it. It is not a good idea to try to prevent this by waiting for IDCMP_INACTIVEWINDOW and activating the window again since that will produce an annoying flicker and it will slow down the computer a lot.

See also



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