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The WorkBench program wants to call this function to signal Intuition that it is active or shutting down.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3254

procedure AlohaWorkbench(

  MsgPort: PMsgPort





The MsgPort of the (initialized) WorkBench task or nil if the task is shutting down.


Intuition then uses the MsgPort to tell the WorkBench to open or close its windows if the user called OpenWorkbench() or CloseWorkbench().

When the MsgPort is non-nil Intuition will send IntuiMessages to it with the Class field set to IDCMP_WBENCHMESSAGE and Code field set to either WBENCHOPEN or WBENCHCLOSE. Intuition assumes that when the WorkBench task replies this messages, it already has opened/closed its windows.


This function is obsolete and should not be used directly by the Workbench Application. Use RegisterWorkbench() instead!

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