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Close an Intuition screen.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3198

function CloseScreen(

  Screen: PScreen





A pointer to the screen to be closed.

Function result

Returns DOSTrue (1) if screen is closed, returns DOSFalse (0) if screen had open windows when called.


Unlinks the screen, unlinks the viewport, deallocates everything that Intuition allocated when the screen was opened (using OpenScreen()). Doesn't care whether or not there are still any windows attached to the screen. Doesn't try to close any attached windows; in fact, ignores them altogether.

If this is the last screen to go, attempts to reopen Workbench.

This function will refuse to close the screen if there are windows open on the screen or if there are any outstanding screen locks (see LockPubScreen()) when CloseScreen() is called. This avoids the almost certain crash when a screen is closed out from under a window.

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