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Flash the video display.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3203

procedure DisplayBeep(

  Screen: PScreen





A pointer to a screen. If nil, every screen in the display will be flashed


"Beeps" the video display by flashing the background color of the specified screen. If the screen argument is nil, every screen in the display will be beeped. Flashing everyone's screen is not a polite thing to do, so this should be reserved for dire circumstances.

The reason such a routine is supported is because the Amiga has no internal bell or speaker. When the user needs to know of an event that is not serious enough to require the use of a requester, the DisplayBeep() function may be called.

Intuition calls DisplayBeep() through the external library vector. This means that if you call SetFunction() to replace DisplayBeep() with an audible beep, for example, then your change will affect even Intuition's calls to DisplayBeep().

Since this function changes color zero of the affected screen(s), surprising results could occur if the screen's owner reading colors or perhaps cycling them.

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