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Calculate gadget-relative mouse position.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3282

procedure GadgetMouse(

  Gadget: PGadget;

  GInfo: PGadgetInfo;

  var MousePoint: SmallInt





A pointer to the Gadget



A pointer to a GadgetInfo structure as passed to the custom gadget hook routine.



Address of two Words, or a pointer to a structure of type Point.


Determines the current location of the mouse pointer relative to the upper-left corner of a custom gadget. Typically used only in the GM_HANDLEINPUT and GM_GOACTIVE custom gadget hook routines.

News flash!!: These two hook routines are now passed the mouse coordinates, so this function has no known usefulness.

We recommend that you don't call it.

Note that this function calculates the mouse position taking "gadget relativity" (GFLG_RELRIGHT, GFLG_RELBOTTOM) into consideration. If your custom gadget intends to ignore these properties, then you should either enjoin or inhibit your users from setting those bits, since Intuition won't ask if you respect them.


This function is useless, because programs which need this information can get it in a cleaner way. It is recommended not to call this function!

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