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Get a copy of the the Intuition default Preferences.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3208

function GetDefPrefs(

  Preferences: PPreferences;

  Size: SmallInt





A pointer to the memory buffer to receive your copy of the Intuition Preferences structure



The number of bytes in your PrefBuffer, the number of bytes you want copied from the system's internal Preference settings

Function result

Returns your parameter Preferences.


Gets a copy of the Intuition default preferences data. Writes the data into the buffer you specify. The number of bytes you want copied is specified by the size argument.

The default preferences are those that Intuition uses when it is first opened. If no preferences file is found, these are the preferences that are used. These would also be the startup preferences in an AmigaDOS-less environment.

It is legal to take a partial copy of the Preferences structure. The more pertinent preferences variables have been grouped near the top of the structure to facilitate the memory conservation that can be had by taking a copy of only some of the Preferences structure.

See also



Get the current Intuition Preferences structure.



Set Intuition preferences data.

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