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Lend window's menu action to another window.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3314

procedure LendMenus(

  FromWindow: PWindow;

  ToWindow: PWindow





A pointer to the Window structure whose menu actions are to go to another window.



A pointer to the Window structure whose menus are to be displayed in place of the fromWindow's. If nil, turns off menu-lending from the fromWindow.


This function is used to "lend" the menus of one window to another. This means that menu events (for example, the user presses the mouse menu button) will take place in another window's menu (using that other window's menu strip and screen).

The sole intended use of this function is to unify two windows on different screens that are attached. (See SA_Parent, SA_FrontChild, SA_BackChild). An example would be a program with a full-sized parent screen which has a short control panel screen attached in the front. Pressing the menu button even when the control panel window of the canvas screen is active can now cause the menus of the parent screen to appear.

See also



Attach a menu strip to a window.



Clear (detach) the menu strip from the window.

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