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Ask Intuition to move a window.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3215

procedure MoveWindow(

  Window: PWindow;

  Dx: LongInt;

  Dy: LongInt





A pointer to the structure of the Window to be moved



How far to move the Window on the x-axis



How far to move the Window on the y-axis


This routine sends a request to Intuition asking to move the window the specified distance. The delta (dX, dY) arguments describe how far to move the window along the respective axes.

Note that the window will not be moved immediately, but rather will be moved the next time Intuition receives an input event, which happens currently at a minimum rate of ten times per second, and a maximum of sixty times a second.

Interactions with other arbitration of Intuition data structures may defer this operation longer. You can use the IDCMP class IDCMP_CHANGEWINDOW to detect when this operation has completed.

Intuition now will do validity checking on the final position. To send absolute movements, or to move and size a window in one step, use ChangeWindowBox().

See also



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