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Set up a RastPort for a custom gadget.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3280

function ObtainGIRPort(

  GInfo: PGadgetInfo





A pointer to a GadgetInfo structure, as passed to each custom gadget hook function.

Function result

A pointer to a RastPort that may be used for gadget rendering. This pointer may be nil, in which case you should do no rendering. You may (optionally) pass a nil return value to ReleReleaseGIRPort().


Sets up a RastPort for use (only) by custom gadget hook routines. This function must be called each time a hook routine needing to perform gadget rendering is called, and must be accompanied by a corresponding call to ReleaseGIRPort().

Note that if a hook function passes you a RastPort pointer, e.g., GM_RENDER, you needn't call ObtainGIRPort() in that case.

See also



Release a custom gadget RastPort.

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