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Tests whether an image "contains" a point.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3291

function PointInImage(

  Point: LongWord;

  Image: PImage





Two words, X/Y packed into a LongInt, with high word containing X. This is what you get if you pass a Point structure (not a pointer!).



A pointer to a standard or custom Image data object. Note: If Image is nil, this function returns True.

Function result

Boolean result of the test. True is the point is inside the image, False otherwise.


Tests whether a point is properly contained in an image. The intention of this is to provide custom gadgets a means to delegate "image mask" processing to the Image, where it belongs (superseding things like BOOLMASK). After all, a rounded rect image with a drop shadow knows more about what points are inside it than anybody else should.

For traditional Intuition Images, this routine checks if the point is in the Image box (LeftEdge/RightEdge/Width/Height).

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