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Print text described by the IntuiText argument.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3223

procedure PrintIText(

  Rp: PRastPort;

  IText: PIntuiText;

  Left: LongInt;

  Top: LongInt





The RastPort destination of the text



A pointer to an instance of the structure IntuiText



Left offset of the IntuiText into the RastPort



Top offset of the IntuiText into the RastPort


Prints the IntuiText into the specified RastPort. Sets up the RastPort as specified by the IntuiText values, then prints the text into the RastPort at the IntuiText x/y coordinates offset by the left/top arguments. Note, though, that the IntuiText structure itself may contain further text position coordinates: those coordinates and the Left/TopOffsets are added to obtain the true position of the text to be rendered.

This routine does window layer clipping as appropriate -- if you print text outside of your window, your characters will be clipped at the window's edge, providing you pass your window's (layered) RastPort.

If the NextText field of the IntuiText argument is non-nil, the next IntuiText is rendered as well, and so on until some NextText field is nil.

IntuiText with the ITextFont field nil are displayed in the font of the RastPort. If the RastPort font is also nil, the system default font, as set via the Preferences tool, will be used.

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