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Change status flags for a public screen.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3279

function PubScreenStatus(

  Screen: PScreen;

  StatusFlags: Word





A pointer to public screen



Any of the PSNF_ flags (only PSNF_PRIVATE is currently defined).

Function result

Returns 0 in the lowest order bit of the return value if the screen wasn't public, or because it can not be taken private because visitors are open in it. All other bits in the return code are reserved for future enhancement.


Changes status flags for a given public screen. The only flag bit currently defined is PSNF_PRIVATE. Thus, PubScreenStatus(Screen, PSNF_PRIVATE); makes a screen private, while PubScreenStatus(Screen, 0); makes it public.

Do not apply this function to a screen if your program isn't the screen's "owner", in particular, don't call this function for the Workbench screen.

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