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Tag start for OpenScreenTagList() eqivalent to TNewWindow.LeftEdge


Source position: intuition.pas line 1234

const SA_Left = SA_Dummy + 1;


Initial screen position (left edge). Data is a LongInt, signed value. Offsets are relative to the text overscan rectangle.

If SA_Left is not specified and a TNewWindow structure is not passed in the OpenScreenTagList() call and SA_Width is not specified or is specified as STDSCREENWIDTH, then the left edge of the screen will default to the left edge of the actual display clip of the screen. If the other conditions are met but some explicit SA_Width is specified, then the left edge defaults to zero (text overscan rectangle left edge). Likewise, the top edge may, independent of the left edge value, default to zero or to the top edge of the actual display clip.

When opening a full sized overscan screen, SA_Left should be set to the MinX value of the display clip Rectangle used for the screen and This may be taken from the defaults, as explained above, or explicitly set by the application.

If your screen is larger than your display clip, you may wish to set the SA_Left to a value less than your display clip MinX in order to center a large screen on a smaller display.

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