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Send an IntuiMessage to an Intuition Window


Source position: intuition.pas line 3328

procedure SendIntuiMessage(

  Window: PWindow;

  IMsg: PIntuiMessage





The window to which the IntuiMessage shall be sent



The IntuiMessage to send, which must have been allocated with AllocIntuiMessage().


The caller of this function should first check himself whether Window^.UserPort is nil. And in this case do not call this function at all.

If inside this function the Window^.UserPort turns out to be nil, then what happens is, that the IntuiMessage is immediately ReplyMessageed in here, just like if this was done by the app whose window was supposed to get the IntuiMessage.

The protection with Forbid() is necessary, because of the way shared window userports are handled, when one of this windows is closed, where there is also just a protection with Forbid() when stripping those IntuiMessages from the port which belong to the window which is going to be closed.

This function does not check whether the window to which the IntuiMessage is supposed to be sent, really wants to get the IDCMP in question, that is, whether the corresponding flag in Window^.IDCMPFLags is set.

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