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The text and setup of an easy requester


Source position: intuition.pas line 1068

type TEasyStruct = record

  es_StructSize: LongWord;


should be sizeof (TEasyStruct) Note that this size may change, if you update the includes! Do not use absolute values as the size of pointers may vary on different platforms!

  es_Flags: LongWord;


should be 0 for now

  es_Title: PChar;


Title of easy requester window. If this is nil, the title will be taken to be the same as the title of the reference window, if one is specified in the EasyRequestArgs() call, else the title will be "System Request".

  es_TextFormat: PChar;


'printf' style formatting string see RawDoFmt()

  es_GadgetFormat: PChar;


Text of the gadgets, separated by '|' (vertical bar) support no further formating. At least one gadget must be specified.


See also



Simple creation of system request.



Easy alternative to AutoRequest()

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