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Extended Intuition message structure


Source position: intuition.pas line 540

type TExtIntuiMessage = record

  eim_IntuiMessage: TIntuiMessage;


Standard Intuition message

  eim_TabletData: PTabletData;


Pointer to tablet data



All IntuiMessages are now slightly extended. The ExtIntuiMessage structure has an additional field for tablet data, which is usually nil. If a tablet driver which is sending inputevent.IESUBCLASS_NEWTABLET events is installed in the system, windows with the WA_TabletMessages property set will find that eim_TabletData points to the TabletData structure. Applications must first check that this field is non-NULL; it will be nil for certain kinds of message, including mouse activity generated from other than the tablet (i.e. the keyboard equivalents or the mouse itself).


This structure is subject to grow in the future. Making assumptions about its size is a bad idea.

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