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Future TNewWindow


Source position: intuition.pas line 816

type TExtNewWindow = record

  LeftEdge: SmallInt;


see TNewWindow for the field explanations

  TopEdge: SmallInt;


  Width: SmallInt;


  Height: SmallInt;


  DetailPen: Byte;


  BlockPen: Byte;


  IDCMPFlags: LongWord;


  Flags: LongWord;


  FirstGadget: PGadget;


  CheckMark: PImage;


  Title: PChar;


  WScreen: PScreen;


  WBitMap: PBitMap;


  MinWidth: SmallInt;


  MinHeight: SmallInt;


  MaxWidth: Word;


  MaxHeight: Word;


  WType: Word;


  Extension: PTagItem;


If the Flags value WFLG_NW_EXTENDED is set, then this field is assumed to point to an array ( or chain of arrays) of TagItem structures. See also TExtNewScreen for another use of TagItems to pass optional data.



Compatibility issues require that the size of NewWindow not change. Data in the common part (NewWindow) indicates the the extension fields are being used. NOTE WELL: This structure may be subject to future extension. Writing code depending on its size is not allowed.

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