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Message parameter passed for GM_GOACTIVE or GM_HANDLEINPUT


Source position: intuition.pas line 2085

type TgpInput = record

  MethodID: LongWord;



  gpi_GInfo: PGadgetInfo;


gadget context

  gpi_IEvent: PInputEvent;


Pointer to the InputEvent that caused the method to be invoked.

  gpi_Termination: Pointer;


Pointer to a variable that is to be set by the gadget class, if GMR_VERIFY is returned. The lower 16 bits of this value are returned in the Code field of the IntuiMessage passed back to the application

  gpi_Mouse: record


This struct defines the current mouse position, relative to the gadgets' bounding box.

    x: SmallInt;

    y: SmallInt;


  gpi_TabletData: PTabletData;


Pointer to TabletData structure or nil, if this input event did not originate from a tablet that is capable of sending inputevent.IESUBCLASS_NEWTABLET events.



GM_GOACTIVE tells the gadget that it has become active and will receive input from now on from the method GM_HANDLEINPUT. This is stopped by using GM_GOINACTIVE.

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