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This structure is READ-ONLY, and allocated only by Intuition


Source position: intuition.pas line 1831

type TIClass = record

  cl_Dispatcher: THook;


  cl_Reserved: LongWord;


must be 0

  cl_Super: PIClass;


Super Class

  cl_ID: ClassID;


  cl_InstOffset: Word;


where within an object is the instance data for this class?

  cl_InstSize: Word;


Size of instance data

  cl_UserData: IPTR;


per-class data of your choice, application specific

  cl_SubclassCount: LongWord;


# of direct suclasses

  cl_ObjectCount: LongWord;


# of objects, made from this class must be 0, if the class is to be deleted

  cl_Flags: LongWord;



  cl_ObjectSize: LongWord;


Overall size of object: cl_InstOffset + cl_InstSize + SizeOf(_Object)

  cl_MemoryPool: APTR;



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