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Public Shared Screen Node


Source position: intuition.pas line 1355

type TPubScreenNode = record

  psn_Node: TNode;


ln_Name is screen name

  psn_Screen: PScreen;


  psn_Flags: Word;


Flags (PSNF_*)

  psn_Size: SmallInt;


includes name buffer

  psn_VisitorCount: SmallInt;


how many visitor windows

  psn_SigTask: PTask;


who to signal when visitors gone

  psn_SigBit: Byte;


which signal



This is the representative of a public shared screen. This is an internal data structure, but some functions may present a copy of it to the calling application. In that case, be aware that the screen pointer of the structure can NOT be used safely, since there is no guarantee that the referenced screen will remain open and a valid data structure. Never change one of these.

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