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String gadget message


Source position: intuition.pas line 2377

type TSGWork = record

  Gadget: PGadget;


the contestant itself

  StringInfo: PStringInfo;


easy access to sinfo

  WorkBuffer: STRPTR;


intuition's planned result

  PrevBuffer: STRPTR;


what was there before

  Modes: LongWord;


current mode (SGM_*)

  IEvent: PInputEvent;


actual event: do not change

  Code: Word;


character code, if one Byte

  BufferPos: SmallInt;


cursor position

  NumChars: SmallInt;


  Actions: LongWord;


what Intuition will do

  LongInt_: LongInt;


temp storage for LongInt

  GadgetInfo: PGadgetInfo;


  EditOp: Word;


from constants below



The local (application) hook may only change the Code, Actions, WorkBuffer, NumChars, BufferPos and LongInt fields. None of the other fields in the TSGWork structure may be modified.

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