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String Gadget structure


Source position: intuition.pas line 390

type TStringInfo = record

  Buffer: PChar;


The buffer containing the start and final string

  UndoBuffer: PChar;


Optional buffer for undoing current entry

  BufferPos: SmallInt;


Character position in Buffer

  MaxChars: SmallInt;


Maximal number of chars in Buffer (including #0)

  DispPos: SmallInt;


Buffer position of first displayed character

  UndoPos: SmallInt;


Character position in the undo buffer

  NumChars: SmallInt;


Number of characters currently in Buffer

  DispCount: SmallInt;


Number of whole characters visible in Container

  CLeft: SmallInt;


Left offset of the container

  CTop: SmallInt;


Top offset of the container

  Extension: PStringExtend;


you can initialize this variable before the gadget is submitted to Intuition, and then examine it later to discover what LongInt the user has entered (if the user never plays with the gadget, the value will be unchanged from your initial setting)

  _LongInt: LongInt;


  AltKeyMap: PKeyMap;


If you want this Gadget to use your own Console keymapping, you set the GACT_ALTKEYMAP bit in the Activation flags of the Gadget, and then set this variable to point to your keymap. If you don't set the GACT_ALTKEYMAP, you'll get the standard ASCII keymapping.


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Special info for TGadget.SpecialInfo if TGadget.Type is a GTYP_STRGADGET

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