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Release lock on a public screen.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3273

procedure UnlockPubScreen(

  Name: PChar;

  Screen: PScreen





A pointer to name of public screen. If Name is nil, then argument Screen is used as a direct pointer to a public screen.



A pointer to a public screen. Used only if Name is nil. This pointer must have been returned by LockPubScreen(). It is safe to call UnlockPubScreen() with nil Name and Screen (the function will have no effect).


Releases lock gotten by LockPubScreen(). It is best to identify the locked public screen by the pointer returned from LockPubScreen(). To do this, supply a nil Name pointer and the screen pointer.

In rare circumstances where it would be more convenient to pass a non-nil pointer to the public screen name string, the Screen parameter is ignored.

See also



Prevent a public screen from closing.

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