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Tag for OpenWindowTagList(). Report mouse events


Source position: intuition.pas line 907

const WA_ReportMouse = WA_Dummy + 35;


Send mouse movement events to the window as x,y coordinates. Also see the description of the IDCMP flag IDCMP_MOUSEMOVE. Equivalent to TNewWindow.Flags with set WFLG_REPORTMOUSE.

The WFLG_REPORTMOUSE flag in the Flags field of the Window structure may be modified on the fly by the program. Changing this flag must be done as an atomic operation. If you are unsure of getting an atomic operation from your compiler, you may wish to do this operation in assembler, or bracket the code with a Forbid()/Permit() pair.

The use of the ReportMouse() function is strongly discouraged, due to historic confusion over the parameter ordering.

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