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Tag for OpenWindowTagList(). Title for window


Source position: intuition.pas line 876

const WA_Title = WA_Dummy + 11;


A pointer to a #0 terminated text string, which is used as the window title and is displayed in the window's title bar.

Intuition draws the text using the colors defined in the DrawInfo pen array (TDrawInfo.dri_Pens) and displays as much as possible of the window title, depending upon the current width of the title bar.

The title is rendered in the screen's default font.

A title bar is added to the window if any of the properties WA_DragBar (WFLG_DRAGBAR), WA_DepthGadget (WFLG_DEPTHGADGET), WA_CloseGadget (WFLG_CLOSEGADGET) or WA_Zoom are specified, or if text is specified for a window title. If no text is provided for the title, but one or more of these system gadgets are specified, the title bar will be blank. Equivalent to TNewWindow.Title.

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