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Calculate the best ModeID with given parameters


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2220

function BestModeIDA(

  Tags: PTagItem





A pointer to an array of TagItems. (BIDTAGS_*)

Function result

ID of the best mode to use, or INVALID_ID if a match could not be found.


This function takes into account the Compatability of the Monitor being matched to, and the source ViewPort or ModeID. Incompatibilitys will cause a result of INVALID_ID.

BIDTAG_NominalWidth, BIDTAG_NominalHeight, BIDTAG_DesiredWidth, BIDTAG_DesiredHeight, must all be non-0.

The comparisons are made against the DimensionInfo->Nominal values. ie, this will not return a best fit against overscan dimensions.


IFF Display Program with a HAM image, to be displayed in the same monitor type as the Workbench ViewPort.

ID := BestModeID([BIDTAG_NominalWidth,  IFFImage^.Width,
                  BIDTAG_NominalHeight, IFFImage^.Height,
                  BIDTAG_Depth,         IFFImage^.Depth,
                  BIDTAG_DIPFMustHave,  DIPF_IS_HAM,
                  BIDTAG_MonitorID,     (GetVPModeID(WbVP) and MONITOR_ID_MASK)]);

To make an interlace version of a ViewPort:

ID := BestModeID([BIDTAG_ViewPort, ThisViewPort,
                  BIDTAG_MustHave, DIFP_IS_LACE]);

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VarArgs version of BestModeIDA()

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