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Merge together coprocessor instructions.


Source position: agraphics.pas line 2089

function MrgCop(

  View: PView





A pointer to the view structure to prepare

Function result

MrgCop() will return an error if there is not enough memory, or for some reason MrgCop() did not need to make any copper lists. Check MCOP_* for error codes


Merge together the display, color, sprite and user coprocessor instructions into a single coprocessor instruction stream. This essentially creates a per-display-frame program for the coprocessor. This function MrgCop is used, for example, by the graphics animation routines which effectively add information into an essentially static background display. This changes some of the user or sprite instructions, but not those which have formed the basic display in the first place. When all forms of coprocessor instructions are merged together, you will have a complete per- frame instruction list for the coprocessor.

Restrictions: Each of the coprocessor instruction lists MUST be internally sorted in min to max Y-X order. The merge routines depend on this! Each list must be terminated using CEND(copperlist).

If the given view is already on display, changes appear immediately.

On non Amiga Systems it only prepares the View for being displayed.

See also



Initialize ViewPort structure.



Generate display copper list for a viewport.



Use a (possibly freshly created) coprocessor instruction list to create the current display.



Grand manipulation of the entire Intuition display.

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