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Grand manipulation of the entire Intuition display.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3252

function RethinkDisplay: LongInt;

Function result

Returns zero for success, non-zero for failure. Probable cause of failure is failure of MakeVPort() or of MrgCop().


This function performs the Intuition global display reconstruction. This includes rethinking about all of the ViewPorts and their relationship to one another and reconstructing the entire display based on the results of this rethinking.

Specifically, and omitting many internal details, the operation consists of this:

You may perform a MakeScreen() on your Custom Screen before calling this routine. The results will be incorporated in the new display, but changing the interlace ViewPort mode for one screens must be reflected in the Intuition View, which is left to Intuition.

Warning: This routine can take several milliseconds to run, so do not use it lightly.

This routine is substantially changed to support new screen modes. In particular, if screen rearrangement has caused a change in interlace mode or scan rate, this routine will remake the copper lists for each screen's viewport.

See also





Generate display copper list for a viewport.



Merge together coprocessor instructions.



Use a (possibly freshly created) coprocessor instruction list to create the current display.



Do an Intuition-integrated MakeVPort() of a screen.

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