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BitScaleArgs structure used by BitMapScale()


Source position: agraphics.pas line 1833

type TBitScaleArgs = record

  bsa_SrcX: Word;


Source origin x position

  bsa_SrcY: Word;


Source origin y position

  bsa_SrcWidth: Word;


Source width

  bsa_SrcHeight: Word;


Source height

  bsa_XSrcFactor: Word;


Scale factor in x direction denominator

  bsa_YSrcFactor: Word;


Scale factor in y direction denominator

  bsa_DestX: Word;


Destination origin x position

  bsa_DestY: Word;


Destination origin y position

  bsa_DestWidth: Word;


Destination width

  bsa_DestHeight: Word;


Destination height

  bsa_XDestFactor: Word;


Destination scale factor in x direction numerator

  bsa_YDestFactor: Word;


Destination scale factor in y direction numerator

  bsa_SrcBitMap: PBitMap;


Source Bitmap

  bsa_DestBitMap: PBitMap;


Destination Bitmap

  bsa_Flags: ULONG;


reserved. Must be zero!

  bsa_XDDA: Word;



  bsa_YDDA: Word;



  bsa_Reserved1: LongInt;


  bsa_Reserved2: LongInt;



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