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Color font structure


Source position: agraphics.pas line 260

type TColorTextFont = record

  ctf_TF: TTextFont;


Standard Textfont structure

  ctf_Flags: Word;


Extended flags (CT_*)

  ctf_Depth: Byte;


Number of bit planes

  ctf_FgColor: Byte;


Color that is remapped to FgPen

  ctf_Low: Byte;


Lowest color represented here

  ctf_High: Byte;


Highest color represented here

  ctf_PlanePick: Byte;


PlanePick ala Images

  ctf_PlaneOnOff: Byte;


PlaneOnOff ala Images

  ctf_ColorFontColors: PColorFontColors;


Colors for font

  ctf_CharData: array [0..7] of APTR;


Pointers to bit planes ala TTextFont.tf_CharData


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