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Clear (detaches) the DMRequest of the window.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3195

function ClearDMRequest(

  Window: PWindow





A pointer to the window from which the DMRequest is to be cleared.

Function result

If the DMRequest was not currently in use, detaches the DMRequest from the window and returns True. If the DMRequest was currently in use, doesn't change anything and returns False.


Attempts to clear the DMRequest from the specified window, that is detaches the special requester that you attach to the double-click of the menu button which the user can then bring up on demand. This routine will not clear the DMRequest if it's active (in use by the user). The IDCMP message class IDCMP_REQCLEAR can be used to detect that the requester is not in use, but that message is sent only when the last of perhaps several requesters in use in a window is terminated.

See also



Set the DMRequest of a window.



Activate a requester.

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