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Set the DMRequest of a window.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3230

function SetDMRequest(

  Window: PWindow;

  Requester: PRequester





The window from which the DMRequest is to be set



A pointer to the requester

Function result

True if old DMRequest was not in use and therefore changed to the new one, or False if the old DMRequest was in use and could not be set to the new one.


A DMRequest is a requester that appears if the user double-clicks with the menu button. The new DMRequest will only be set if the old DMRequest is not in use. The official way to change the DMRequest is to call ClearDMRequest() until it returns True and then call SetDMRequest().

Note: If the DMRequest has the POINTREL flag set, the DMR will show up as close to the pointer as possible. The RelLeft/Top fields are used to fine-tune the positioning.

See also



Clear (detaches) the DMRequest of the window.



Activate a requester.

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