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Free a ScreenBuffer structure.


Source position: intuition.pas line 3309

procedure FreeScreenBuffer(

  Screen: PScreen;

  ScreenBuffer: PScreenBuffer





A pointer to the screen this ScreenBuffer is associated with.



A pointer to a ScreenBuffer structure obtained from AllocScreenBuffer(). It is safe to call this function with a nil argument. It will have no effect.


Frees a ScreenBuffer structure you got from AllocScreenBuffer(), and releases associated resources. You must call FreeScreenBuffer() before you close your screen.


Originally, FreeScreenBuffer() did not WaitBlit() before freeing a BitMap. The intent was that the application should do this. Application writers should ensure that freeing the buffer is safe by calling WaitBlit() themselves.

The SB_SCREEN_BITMAP flag instructs AllocScreenBuffer() to provide a ScreenBuffer referring to the screen's actual bitmap. When you are done changing screen buffers, you must FreeScreenBuffer() the currently-installed ScreenBuffer before you close the screen. Intuition will recognize when FreeScreenBuffer() is called for the currently-installed ScreenBuffer, and will know to free the supporting structures but not the BitMap. CloseScreen() will take care of that.

See also



Get a ScreenBuffer for double-buffering.



Swap the screen's BitMap.



Change display memory address for multi-buffered animation

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