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Source position: intuition.pas line 2178

const ICTARGET_IDCMP = not0;


Normally, the value for ICA_TARGET is some object pointer, but if you specify the special value ICTARGET_IDCMP, notification will be send as an IDCMP_IDCMPUPDATE message to the appropriate window's IDCMP port. See the definition of IDCMP_IDCMPUPDATE. When you specify ICTARGET_IDCMP for ICA_TARGET, the map you specify will be applied to derive the attribute list that is sent with the IDCMP_IDCMPUPDATE message. If you specify a map list which results in the attribute tag id ICSPECIAL_CODE, the lower sixteen bits of the corresponding ti_Data value will be copied into the Code field of the IDCMP_IDCMPUPDATE IntuiMessage.

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